How we started

OAT is a school built by teachers. Its founders, after years of teaching locally and abroad, in public and private schools, envisioned a school that catered to students interested in technology, engineering, and science. In 2013, this vision became reality, and by June 2016, OAT proudly congratulated its first group of graduates.


Our mission is to consider the individuality of each student to provide the best educational experience. We aim for our students to feel immensely comfortable within our learning environment while simultaneously being challenged through dynamic course concepts. We strive to build relationships with our students founded on academic support, approachability, trust and warmth. One measure of our success is that students genuinely enjoy learning at OAT.


Our vision is to continually amplify the quality of education we provide our students with. We do this by actively seeking additional resources and planning educational field trips to bring accessible and inspiring modes of learning inside and outside the classroom. For those students who have had negative experiences in previous schools, we aim to prove that school can truly be a place of positivity, genuine connection, and fun.  



Our Team


OAT's teachers share one thing: they love being here! They are passionate about the world of teaching through instruction, assessment, collaboration, and communication with students and parents. OAT teachers are invested in their learners and feel proud as they see students work towards graduating and being admitted into post-secondary programs of their choice. OAT graduates will testify to the authentic desire among teachers to see their students succeed.