Work at Your Own Pace


Whether you'd like to improve your grades to make the cut for the university or college you've dreamed of, or you would like a fresh start on a course, OAT has a simple solution. Conveniently planned tutoring and working at your own pace, the Correspondence Program at OAT allows students to earn their credit expeditiously.  These courses are a split of 30% student-teacher interaction and 70% independent and guided coursework. We offer a variety of courses through this program.

Enrollment is one click away! Apply today and enjoy our competitive rate of $500/credit. Get an additional discount when you enroll for multiple courses. Once the enrollment form has been submitted and the registration process is complete, your login credentials will be e-mailed to you and you can begin working through the course at your own pace! 

Please note that correspondence program is subject to availability and students' background knowledge. In order to inquire about specific courses please contact us