Some of Our Graduates


Jean-luc found our environment encouraging enough for him to thrive in STEM and gain his OSSD. He was granted admission to a number of universities and chose Lakehead as his final destination in the end.


AIlin received her OSSD and made it to York’s Science Program. Her improvement over time at OAT has been amazing to watch!


Liam studies Physics and Astronomy at University of Alberta. His passion for science and great performance in math helped him receive a sizable entrance scholarship. At the same time, he built his basis at OAT in science and mathematics and began his university career with ease and confidence.


Ren finished his full-time study period at OAT and received his OSSD. He gained admission to multiple universities in Ontario. However, his goal has been studying Zoology at Guelph University. He gained admission with scholarship. Ren did AP Calculus at OAT.


Sepehr finished high school at OAT with an outstanding average and gained admission to University of Toronto’s Computer Science Program with distinction. He received one of the highest scholarships ever awarded by U of T.


Javad has graduated with distinction at OAT. He is finishing his Science Program at York University. His growth in language, math and science has been fascinating to watch.


Nila always appreciated our small class sizes and quality academic support. She has applied to several universities in Computer Science and she was granted admission into all her choices. She is now studying at York University.  


Marco was with OAT for around 4 years. He built his math and science foundation here and made it to McMaster University’s Life Science program - one of the most prestigious science programs in the country. This would not be possible without his hard work, specially with our SAT-preparation program.


Jonathan built his solid foundation in math, science and computer science at OAT. He now studies at University of Toronto’s Computer Science Program. His passion for computer studies has always been great to watch.


Sarvenaz has been the recipient of a sizable entrance scholarship from U of T’s Science Department. Her passion for Health and Medical Sciences has driven her for the past few years and at OAT, she learned how to build her portfolio in order to apply her talent into work and be recognized.


Mariah studies Science at University of Toronto. At OAT, she reinforced her Science and Math foundation not only to gain her admission, but also to continue to thrive in science.


Having been with OAT for around 3 years, James is now studying Nanotechnology Engineering at University of Waterloo. His hard work has paid off and he is making us proud with his remarkable achievement.