Receive the Individual Attention You Need


Learning something new is frustrating, especially in math or science. Putting students under any extreme pressure  backfires. On the other hand, students who are not challenged enough, may become bored, or feel that their time and energy is wasted. Doing a private course allows the student to work at their own pace. Students work in an open way and teachers observe and converse. In fact, it is important for students to make mistakes - we'd like them to feel comfortable making those mistakes.  They're bound to happen to the best of us.  The goal is not to get it perfect; we'd simply like our students to work at it as best they can.  Their mistakes are opportunities for us to recognize where we ought to be focusing our efforts.

Student-teacher collaboration is another key in success with a private course. We often hear students working harder at a course when they build a special relationship with the teacher. A private course is the perfect environment for the student and teacher to build their rapport.

OAT's relationship with public schools around Toronto is well established. Therefore, students don't need to worry about their credit validity, mark submission or OUAC mark entries.