Why Study at OAT?

OAT is dedicated to providing the most effective learning experience for our students.  Our academic program is modeled after the Ontario high school curriculum.  However, it is adapted and enriched to serve our international students.  In addition to its academic approach, the curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and assists students with seeking internships that are tied directly with relevant industries.

Our school is well-equipped to handle international students. Our ministry certified and fully trained teachers are experienced in helping students learn English and become accustomed to living in Canada. Our central Toronto location provides an immersive experience in Canadian culture and society. We create a welcoming environment for students from all walks of life in order to give them the social exposure they need in order to become comfortable living in Canada, as well as catch up on material they might be missing for the high school diploma.

 Steps Required to Gain Admission:

1- E-mail your translated and most recent transcript along with your English Language Proficiency Test Results to info@oat.education OAT accepts TOEFL, IELTS or other internationally accepted English Proficiency test scores.

2- Complete the international students' admission request form below. 

* Please note that we fully refund the tuition fee in case the student visa application is rejected by Canadian Immigration.

Once you have completed these steps, you'll be hearing from us for the next steps. Your letter of admission will be issued once documents are complete and fees are paid.  

Study Permit:

In order to apply for a study permit, you should consult Immigration Canada in your country. Typically, our students take one of the following routes:

1- OAT will provide immigration consultation for an extra fee.

2- Students work with an immigration lawyer or agency in their own country.

3- Some students choose to apply on their own. More information is provided for them here

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For more information, please visit CIC’s website at: www.cic.gc.ca