Full-Time Day Program

OAT is a private high school specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with an emphasis on hands-on-learning. At OAT, we go beyond the regular curriculum expectations and demonstrate to students the overlap between their technical courses.  
Studying at OAT, students can earn
the standard courses required for
acceptance into university. What is exclusive to us is the: Tech, SAT and Contest Prep Streams


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Part-Time Program
Credit Courses

Our accredited courses are designed for the student seeking admission into mathematics, science or engineering post-secondary disciplines.  We're proud to say many of OAT's students, upon graduating, have gone on to study at some of Canada's best universities.

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Drone Courses

OAT is excited to introduce our Drone Build and Fly Workshops. OAT’s workshops are for students interested in learning how the concepts studied in the classroom can be applied in the real world. We're conducting this 8-week Engineering Design and Build Workshop in partnership with OmniviewTech

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Meet Our Students



Jamie is a part-time OATer
who takes all her math credits with us. She prefers our learning environment due to its concise and purposeful instruction.


Jean-Luc is a full-time student at OAT. He appreciates our small class sizes and quality academic support.  He has applied to several universities around the country and we are confident that he will be granted admission into his top choice!


Alexa is one of many University students at OAT.  As a second-year Engineering student, Alexa has been studying with us to reinforce the ideas behind Newton's Laws, Energy, Momentum, Static Equilibrium and Thermodynamics, among other concepts.